Dwarf from Black Mountains


I’m in the prime of age at 61, my beard is long and jet black. I stand at 4’6" and weigh 140 Lbs. I have become very handy with hatchets, but my primary weapon is my walking Great Axe.

I wear medium chain mail with a maroon tunic over it. I also have a black cloak and hood I use during my travels.

I’m also a Fighter Class.


I’m a Dwarf from the Black Mountains of the west. The Black Mountain chain is known for its coal mines and metal goods. The forges used are like no other, burn hotter than any forge elsewhere, able to better refine metals and make stronger weapons and armor. From a young age, I have been used to being around the forges, taking on an apprenticeship when I got older. My master I studied under taught me a technique only known to the Dwarfs of the Black Mountains, “The Bellow’s Breath”. This technique allows the wielder to expand his/her lung capacity further than normal, and exhale vast amounts of air. Though this techniques is mainly used to stoke the fires of the forges, it also magnifies the persons voice. I’m a merchant by trade, travelling to towns and cities, selling my goods. When I’m not at the forge, I read the histories of ancient dwarven battles, dreaming of adventures.

I have no known enemies, only those who try to rob him while in his travels. I am weary of people at first meeting, I withold judgement of the persons character. However, that can change to either side. If you try to harm me or those in my company, I will interfere. I am one dwarf you do not want to cross with.


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